Lost in the Purpose of Wandering

I have to tell you something about myself. I am, without a doubt, one of those people who has this iconic J. R. R. Tolkien quote tattooed in gold on her soul: Not all who wander are lost. It may not be a surprise to you, since I up and moved to another country. But, there have been times in my life where I doubted it myself.

The world tells you to take the road most traveled, but it never takes into account whether that’s the path you were meant to walk. If you’re like me, and you heed this direction, you may spend years feeling lost or confused or trapped, without really knowing why. For me, the why is simple – I was made to wander this wide, wild world. I seek opportunities to make connections with people from all over. No difference is to great or too small to be appreciated. Wandering means to stand in wonder at the vastness of creation and feel both humbled by and at home in its diversity.

Wandering means to stand in wonder at the vastness of creation and feel both humbled by and
at home in its diversity.

But, wandering isn’t easy. I sometimes forget the beauty of wandering. Life always catches up to you. A million things need to be done. Our responsibilities deserve the utmost attention. Some days I find myself going to and fro within the pattern and schedule of this new life, doing what I (now) usually do, and I forget momentarily how I prayed to live a life of wandering.

Today, while walking back home, instead of taking the most familiar path, I took a different route. One decision led to me a new neighborhood, new vistas and new opportunities to meet God in the midst of my day. It was a small change but so meaningful. I purposefully wandered this morning, taking different winding staircases and streets to see where they would lead. I was so excited to find myself surrounding by new places. I found myself wondering: how many millions of people have walked these narrow streets over the past three centuries? Who traveled here? What were they like? I got lost in the purpose of wandering, and it felt so good.

P.S. There is NOTHING wrong with a life lived in one place. God knows how I respect any good life. As long is it fits you, as long as it feels good in your soul, you do you. I admire anyone who goes after their dreams, no matter what form they take. I write only from my personal perspective.

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